Mathcad Civil Engineering Library

Mathcad Civil Engineering Library 14.0

This contains ebooks that help us solve Civil Engineering problems on Mathcad
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Mathcad Electrical Engineering Library is an addon for the Mathcad software.
It is not like the regular addons you get in the programs. It is a set of help files or ebooks that could serve as a good textbook on Civil Engineering.

This is actually not an addon, that improves its features. But these are help files or ebooks telling you how a specific engineering problem could be converted into the language of mathematics and use the program to solve it. It is really easy to learn and to use the program, since there are fewer things you need to learn and the programming style is simple. But it could be very hard to solve the problems because you would need more time analyzing the problem and solving it manually. This program can only act as an equation solver. All other things are upto your ability, how you would see the Civil Engineering Problem.

I would recommend this software and the addons to someone who is studying the subjects, to get a better understanding of the matter. 310$ for just a couple of help files is far too much to pay for. But the ebooks are really great. It describes many concepts in a clear and easy to understand manner! Thats where the the program comes useful.

Zack Martin
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